Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Weaning Children With Allergies

A Detailed Guide: Weaning Children With Allergies

Allergies are basically the immune system’s incorrect response to a foreign substance. Sometimes the body believes that a certain substance is dangerous and is going to do harm to the body and in response to this the body begins producing an antibody known as histamine which is what causes the typical symptoms of allergies.

This includes itchy watery eyes, a runny nose, dry mouth and cough. There are many other symptoms that one may experience as a result of allergies as well, and it really all depends on their particular condition.

Allergies can be experienced both by children and by adults, although they tend to be more serious in children because they are less capable of handling the condition and symptoms and also because there is less available to help them to find relief of these symptoms.

Weaning Children With Allergies

The process of weaning children with allergies can definitely be difficult. One of the most important things to be concerned with when it comes to weaning children with allergies is to try to maintain breastfeeding for one full year even longer if possible. This is important because very few children are allergic to anything in breast milk, whereas formula and cow’s milk can both often pose problems.

Another great tip for weaning children with allergies has to do with introducing mixed foods. The introduction of solids to the baby should begin when they are around six months old and definitely not before four months old. This is for a variety of different reasons but mainly because they will not be able to properly digest these foods.

The best idea is to continue to add foods, one at a time, this way the parent will be able to tell if there are any foods that the children are allergic to and consequently avoid giving these foods to them again. Weaning children with allergies can definitely be a long process but one that is absolutely essential in order to ensure the most optimum health for the child.

Speaking to the family doctor for more answers and advice on this is very important and will be a great help, especially to first time parents. When children have allergies, particularly food allergies, it can be incredibly dangerous and even potentially life threatening, if they have a serious enough reaction. As long as the parent is cautious however and understands what is involved here, there should be no problems.

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