Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Allergy Elimination

Working Towards Allergy Elimination

Most people that suffer from allergies, especially those who have tried various different treatment methods in the past to no avail, begin to feel hopeless as though there is nothing that they can do to help with this problem. Fortunately this is completely untrue and there are in fact many things that one can do to help with their allergies.

Determine the Cause

One of the most common reasons that an allergy sufferer is not able to find relief is simply because they are not aware of what the actual cause of their allergies is. There are actually a variety of different factors that can be responsible for causing allergies, and typically people with allergies have an inherited or genetic predisposition for developing a hypersensitivity to inhaled and ingested substances.

A doctor will be able to perform certain standard tests in order to determine what the causes of allergies are in a person.

Allergy Elimination

Once the actual cause of allergies has been determined, the person can then begin to work towards allergy elimination. Avoidance is obviously one of the best methods of allergy elimination because of course if the person is not around the substance that is bothering them then they will not experience the effects.

A few tips here include removing any carpets or rugs from the home as these can hold dust and debris and cause serious problems in allergic people. Special covers should also be used to seal over pillows and mattresses, especially for anyone who is allergic to dust mites.

Medication is also available to help with allergy elimination, although these will have to be prescribed by a doctor. Pills and nasal sprays are both commonly used to treat allergies and a shot of epinephrine is often given. This is an incredibly fast acting medicine that is used for people with allergies to help offset an anaphylactic reaction.

Work With the Doctor

The most important thing that anyone suffering from allergies can do to help with allergy elimination is make sure to work closely with their doctor. This way they can try out different treatment methods and together with their doctor will be able to keep an eye on their condition and make sure that they are making progress.

Allergies can be incredibly frustrating to deal with and make even the simplest day to day tasks more difficult. Runny eyes, sneezing, coughing, all of these undesirable symptoms can be treated properly with the right method of treatment.

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