Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Natural Allergy Cures

Various Natural Allergy Cures For Hay Fever

Allergies can be very troublesome when they hit. The thing with allergies is that they can occur anytime the individual is exposed to allergens they are sensitive to. Allergens are what triggers allergic reactions in people and they can be anything that the person is highly sensitive to. Hay fever is allergy that occurs during specific seasons, usually summer, spring and fall.

Natural allergy cures are desired by people who do not like taking dangerous drugs that can eventually bring harm or develop ailments in them. Natural allergy cures are usually alternative medicines that are not recommended by most medical practitioners. Many natural allergy cures affect the symptoms of an allergic reaction and effectively control these.

Examples Of Natural Allergy Cures

Stinging Nettles has long been used to treat and correct the way that the body produces histamine. It inhibits this reaction and effectively stoops the symptoms of hay fever and seasonal allergies. This is one of the natural allergy cures that are best ingested in processed or dried form because contact with the fresh leaves of this plant can cause mild to severe inflammation of the skin.

Quercetin is one of the natural allergy cures that can effectively act as an antihistamine. It is a bioflavonoid that naturally stabilizes certain cells and prevents them from producing histamine. Histamine causes the common seasonal allergies symptoms that plague highly sensitive people. Other than as a natural allergy cure, Quercetin is also an antioxidant that can help our body in many aspects. This can effectively clear free radicals from or bodies and help reduce the risk of cancer.

Drinking a glass of fresh fruit juice each day when it is allergy season is one of the more controversial natural allergy cures. It is controversial because you actually cleanse your body by drinking fresh fruit juice, water and eating loads of fresh vegetables and fruits for as long as five days. The question of how efficient this drastic diet is has been raised and many people swear by this method. You can maintain the positive effects of the natural allergy cure by drinking juice daily.

Natural allergic cures are usually sought by people who do not wish to add the burden of ingesting chemical based drugs into their system. Many people have already realized that getting natural allergy cures is more beneficial for them compared to medications that are made and produced synthetically. These cures are widely available in alternative medicine stores.

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