Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Herbs for Allergies

Are Herbs for Allergies Safe to Use?

When you turn your television on today, the only thing that commercials seem to be about any more is taking medication for whatever you need. There is medicine for itchy watery eyes, one for gas and bloating, one for treating almost everything, including allergies. A long time ago, there was once a time when people needed to use their natural resources in order to heal those that was sick. That time is long gone and today it is easier for people to run to the drugstore and select exactly what they seen on television. Since allergies seem to be what a lot of the commercials are about there must be several alternatives to treating allergies. That makes someone wonder how safe herbs for allergies are.

What Herbs are right to use

Herbs for allergies have a lot of healing affects toward some conditions, including. If you suffer from allergies, the long term affect of taking a prescription medication can mean irreversible damage to something in your body. When using herbs for allergies, you know that because it is natural there are no long term affects to it. The only bad problem with using herbs is the fact that you can overdose your self and that can cause bad consequences. In order to decide which herbs for allergies to take, here is a short example of what some herbs for allergies will do.

Mint can relieve sore or itchy throats
Mullberry Root Bark can relieve a cough
Chrysanthemum can help to relieve red eyes
Cassia Seed can get rid of itchy eyes
Angelica Dahurica can help with nasal congestion

Each herbs for allergies heal in a different way and therefore you can use several herbs to treat your symptoms. Some herbs cannot be used the same time as other herbs are used. They will need to work alone. With the help and assistance of the person owning the store and your doctor you should be able to find the right herbs for allergies fast.

If you have allergies due to something you come in contact with, such as milk, latex or pets, you may need to avoid these things all together in order to prevent an allergic reaction. Using herbs for allergies is not always right for everyone but you won’t know until you try. It is much easier to run to the store to purchase anything but herbs for allergies but in the long run, the man made medicines that are available over the counter can make it difficult for the body to fight infections and conditions, including other allergies.

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